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Active Learning Center

Exploring Chemistry

Welcome to our new resource hub for all things active learning in Chemistry! Here you'll find best practices from our student engagement pros, on-demand webinars, blogs and much more.

On Demand - Using Smart Technology to Engage Students

As seen on CNN, NBC and the Discovery Channel, rock star instructor Dr. Kate Biberdorf shares best practices on planning and executing active learning strategies that engage students for deeper learning.

Active Learning Throughout the Classroom

This guide highlights how one hybrid-format chemistry lecturer infuses active learning into their course structure with the help of iClicker Cloud, including various uses for question types and tips for getting students to class.

On Demand - Using iClicker in Small Classes

This on-demand webinar explores both how iClicker can be effectively used in small classes, as well as the unique challenges that active learning techniques in a smaller group can present.

National Chemistry Week Trivia Questions

Test your students' chemistry-related knowledge! We created this fun trivia slide deck in honor of National Chemistry Week, but you can use it as an ice breaker or pre-class warm-up any day of the year.

5 Famous Chemists' Achievements

This fun infographic is a quick and striking way to share the acheivements of five 'Out of This World' chemists with your students, featuring the likes of Dmitri Mendeleev and Rosalind Franklin.

On Demand - Active Learning in Chemistry

Studies show that engaging students through activities and collaboration is more effective than traditional lecturing. This on-demand webinar shares strategies, ideas and best practices for the Chemistry classroom.

On Demand - Live. Love. Active Learning.

Join Dr. Kate Biberdorf for a 30-minute deep-dive into how she integrates active learning technology and strategies into her Chemistry lectures. This webinar is a quick, thorough look at one instructor's teaching philosophy and how it is executed.

On Demand - Get Students Engaged in Their Own Learning

In this webinar we explore ideas and techniques to get students engaged in their learning, with a demonstration of simple, effective active learning strategies and the role they play in the classroom.

On Demand - Make Flipped Learning Easy & Effective

A “flipped” instruction approach can encourage student preparation before lecture and make class time more interactive. This on-demand webinar shares practical tips for building a flipped classroom.

4 Tips for Using iClicker in the Organic Chemistry Classroom

Judit Beagle, professor of Organic Chemistry, presents her top tips for using iClicker to engage students, including getting feedback on progress and waking up waning attention spans.

Brandon Tenn is an Engagement Expert

Meet active learning enthusiast Brandon Tenn, and discover how he helps students appreciate the beauty and applicability of chemistry and math. We asked Professor Tenn a few questions about why, what, and how he does what he does.

Creating an Active Learning Classroom

In this piece, Brandon Tenn breaks down his strategies for preparing his course and his students to engage in learning and then shares how his course structure keeps things going in each class session.

On Demand - Maximizing the Impact of Student Engagement Solutions

This on-demand webinar includes a review of the motivations for using clickers, and practical guidelines for success, including writing effective questions and facilitating student discussion.

On Demand - Assessment Strategies for Deeper Learning

Enhance the level of learning in your classroom with this on-demand webinar led by Cindy Albert, with tips for creating question prompts and crafting follow-up questions for deeper learning.

On Demand - Building A Game-Based Learning Experience

This on-demand webinar discusses the theories behind game-based learning and the possible outcomes, as well as ways to design and scale an iClicker-based game that fits your course needs.

On Demand - The Mobile Conundrum: Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

Consider the pros and cons of going mobile in the classrooom in this on-demand webinar. Three longtime faculty users, each with a different perspective, speak to the challenge.

iClicker Learning Science & Insights

Building on results from 2017 with empirical insights from extensive data analytics and Impact Research, this infographic highlights our 2019 iClicker educational results, provided by the Macmillan Learning Learning Science & Insights Team.

Combine the best in active learning with the best in content. With SaplingPlus, Macmillan Learning textbooks come alive with ready-to-go iClicker questions, in-class worksheets, speed drills, think/pair/share decks, and more. Explore our text and homework options from Macmillan, and package any option with iClicker for just an additional $5!

iClicker's ease of use makes it a faculty favorite in higher education.   

Engage students before, during,
and after class

Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two courses are exactly alike. You use teaching strategies that best speak to your students' learning strengths promoting engaged and active learning during class time, assessment, homework, and even lab work. Macmillan Learning has a suite of solutions to empower you to teach your way.

Increase Student Confidence & End-of-Course Grades

Our Learning Science & Insights team's research shows that when iClicker is used in a classroom, student engagement doubles, student confidence increases & students achieve higher final course grades.

Keep Student Understanding at the Forefront with Real-Time In-Class Check-Ins

iClicker’s immediate feedback from polling questions lets the instructor know if students are getting it and provides a study guide for students to review after class for those that need more practice/review.

Know Students Are Present

It's proven that if students attend class, they perform better, stay in school longer, and retention metrics stay up or improve. In some cases, if retention numbers are not maintained, it results in loss of funding. While it's important to make sure students are in class, manually taking attendance is a pain and you just don’t have time. With iClicker’s attendance feature you can set-it-and-forget-it.