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Active Learning Lives in the Classroom

While iClicker has evolved over the years, iClicker Classic has and continues to remain a tried and true solution that our customers love. We are continuing to innovate and improve the iClicker Classic experience. Here is some insight into the journey of iClicker Classic (formerly i>clicker 7) and the new features coming in the future.

The Past: Building Active Learning Solutions For Every Course (face-to-face or online)

In 1997, the University of Illinois Physics department embarked on a major reform of their introductory classes. They modeled their lectures after the successful ConceptTests, introduced at Harvard University, in which conceptual questions are posed and students are allowed to discuss possible answers with their neighbors.

Their journey eventually lead four of the Illinois Physicists—Tim Stelzer, Mats Selen, Gary Gladding, and Benny Brownto develop their own wireless radio frequency system to further enable student engagement and peer learning. They focused the development of their solution on keeping students’ attention on course content, not technology. Their solution was called iClicker.

There have been a few makeovers to the original iClicker software over the years; most recently we changed the branding of the software from i>clicker 7 to iClicker Classic. Today, we continue to keep the core of iClicker Classic alive while introducing newer technologies that help to expand the easy-to-use software beyond hardware devices to create more inclusive options for all kinds of classrooms.

The Present:

Branding Updates

Updated branding and logos for the iClicker Base Utility and updated branding and logos on Admin Setup Utility.

Updated Gradebook

  • New setting in Gradebook tab to show unregistered iClickers and unknown iClicker Reef users at either the top or the bottom of the Gradebook. This allows instructors, particularly those with larger classes, the ability to customize their Gradebook organization.
  • Improved name sorting in the Gradebook to ease the instructor experience, particularly in larger courses. Previously, the Gradebook was sorted alphabetically by last name but first name is now also available. For example, Jack Smith should always come before John Smith.

Question Detail Report

The Question Detail Report shows all answers for all students in a single session giving instructors a more comprehensive range of reports to choose from.

Demographics Feature

Instructors can ask a variety pre-set questions (or create their own), collecting anonymous demographics information from their students. After asking a polling question, instructors can then filter by the demographics results to facilitate in-class discussions.

User Messaging Updates

  • A suggestion has been added to sync the roster before uploading grades when user experiences an error (specific to D2L and Canvas).
  • New background image with installation instructions added for the DMG download for Mac to address user confusion with the new process set by Apple.
  • Updated text on the Roster/Registration match screen to address user confusion.

LMS Updates

  • Implemented faster score upload speeds for a more efficient instructor experience (Canvas only).
  • Session date AND name will now be sent to the LMS when syncing the Gradebook. This will apply for all LMSs and was implemented to address user confusion over which column in their LMS was correlated with which lesson.
  • In the Gradebook tab of the course settings, instructors now have the option to refresh iClicker student registrations when syncing. This means only current students who have registered in their LMS or at the iClicker website will appear. The feature is meant to provide instructors, particularly those with larger courses or at universities with old remote registrations, an easy way to only sync current students.
  • Canvas: Due to an increasing number of courses where teaching assistants have overlapping responsibilities with instructors, teaching assistants now have the ability to download the roster and sync grades.
  • Blackboard improvements to address a situation in which unregistered students aren’t receiving the appropriate score in the gradebook.

The Future: Informed by You

Future Updates

  • We will be adding the option to choose from existing courses when enabling Reef in order to prevent duplicate courses from being created. This feature aims to improve both the instructor and student user experience.
  • Instructors will have the ability to either archive or temporarily disable a Reef course in Classic. Currently only archiving is available.
  • Usage improvements to better understand highly used features
  • Continued LMS integration improvements

We’re working on some new features for our iClicker products, but we want to hear from you! Tell us what you’d like to see in our iClicker Classic software.

A Solution for Every Course

We’re happy to offer a wide variety of options for every class type. Check out your instructor options below. Both Instructor options are compatible with iClicker remotes and student mobile devices.

Transitioning from i>clicker 6 to Classic or Cloud?

We have retired i>clicker 6 as of December 2018. Please follow this guide to help you transition to ensure that your software is up-to-date.