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Classroom distractions have met their match.

Meet iClicker's New Focus Setting

We know that many instructors would like the increased functionality that comes with a mobile student engagement app but have concerns about the use of mobile phones in the classroom. Enter iClicker Focus. With Focus, you can:

  • Reduce distractions & multitasking
  • Gain insight into engagement in your class
  • Promote student self-regulation behaviors

New to iClicker Cloud, instructors have the option to designate any course to run as a “Focused Class” via their course settings. During class, Focus reminds students to come back to their iClicker student app if they exit*. After class, both instructors and students receive reports on in-class engagement. Check out a preview of reporting below:

An iClicker window says, Your Focus Report is ready and attached! It states Course Name and date, and highlights the Class Session Duration and how many participants out of # total used Focus (Focused Participants)Instructors receive an email post-class with their Focus report.
An image of a student's Focus Report shows: Total time in Focus, total time out of Focus, and # Instances out of Focus, followed by a table of timestamps throughout class illustrating the information stated above.Instructors also can see their session’s Focus report in their iClicker Cloud instructor account.
A graphic of a cell phone shows how Focus Summary information is displayed in the iClicker student app, highlighting # Instances [student] left the app and # out of total Activities [student] participated in today.Students receive a Focus Summary report after each session.

*functionality coming to all devices Fall 2020.

Ready to see Focus in action?

The Research Is In

A study of more than 500 students found that the more students use the Focus feature, the better they do.

While use of the feature was optional, the majority of students (92.8%) whose instructor chose to enable Focus elected to use it at least once.

62.9% of our sample chose to attend 81% or more of the Focus sessions available to them.

Participation in Focus sessions significantly predicts overall course performance after controlling for HS GPA and number of Focus sessions left.

On average, students who used Focus earned a 3 percentage point improvement in performance for every 10% increase in sessions the feature was used.

Additionally, students who used Focus for at least 80% of their sessions saw a seven percentage point difference in their grades.

Using high school GPA as a predictor, our data shows that using Focus may help close the achievement gap for students who come to college less prepared.

NEW FOR SPRING 2020: Reducing Distractions and Increasing Performance with Focus   Read the Report

What our recent beta testers had to say

According to Matt Evans, Ph.D, Physics + Astronomy Professor at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, "During my beta test, I found the focus mode to be a great way to remind students that staying engaged in class is important to their learning. Phones can be a distraction, but with this software my students were better able to pay attention to class activities and instruction and less to the distractions coming from their phones. Additionally, the information provided in the class reports helped me have more meaningful discussions with my struggling students, and allowed me to give them immediate feedback on how to do better in my course."

"It helped me break the habit of just mindlessly checking my phone.”
What students have to say about using iClicker Focus

The use of a cell phone during lecture is more distracting than I realized. And having Focus helped to negate those defects by causing me to look at it less.

I really liked it. It helped me break the habit of just mindlessly checking my phone during class.

It honestly made me more motivated to stay focused.

It was really helpful and is the only reason I’m passing class—because it forces you to pay attention.

It really did help me be way less distracted in class than usual—I felt like I could participate a little more and it helped me learn.

It was nice because it's easy for me to reach for my phone and check social media when my professors are just lecturing but now I can use my phone to engage with the material.

I really enjoyed using iClicker Focus, it allowed me to stay off my phone almost every single class period.

iClicker Focus helped me get off my phone more and pay attention to the material in class more often. I appreciated it a lot.

I really enjoyed it. I noticed that I wasn't as distracted as I was in my other classes.

Hear from an expert
Using Mobile in your Classroom: Enhance Learning, Minimize Distractions

An graphic of a hand pressing play on a digital video. To the left, a sticker of our presenter's headshot along with his information - Dr. Brian Geislinger, Lecturer, Physics & Astronomy, Gadsden State Community College

Opportunities for distraction in college classrooms for students are plentiful. Social media, cat memes and short attention spans all contribute to the problem. Join veteran iClicker user and Physics instructor, Dr. Brian Geislinger, as he talks about the importance of minimizing distractions and learn how he works to manage them—and increase student engagement—in his own classroom.