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Using Learning Science to Craft the Active Learning Classroom

30-Minute On-Demand Webinar with Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury

Make your Classroom Engaging

In this presentation, Dr. Chaudhury, Executive Director of the Innovation in Learning Center at the University of South Alabama, will share his insights into how research in the learning sciences combined with advances in computer technologies gives educators the tools to create engaging, interactive experiences for students.

The social interactions of peer instruction play a prominent role in an interactive classroom. Dr. Chaudhury will present a variety of different formative assessment strategies—researched, developed, and tested by himself and others—and will give attendees strategies for incorporating clicker technologies into their own teaching. Participants will gain additional tools from this session to help them reach their instructional goals related to effective student learning through building their metacognitive skills.

Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury

About Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury

Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury is a physicist and educational developer who has been using classroom response systems for over fifteen years. He was inspired to start using them in his own teaching having observed other physics educators such as Eric Mazur engage large audiences through thought provoking conceptual questions and peer discussion. Chaudhury has conducted research and published articles on ways of improving teaching effectiveness and enjoyment and enhancing student learning through interactive classroom pedagogies and technologies. He has presented clicker workshops all across the US, in Europe, Brazil and India. At the University of South Alabama, Chaudhury is the Executive Director of the Innovation in Learning Center which supports faculty in many aspects of their professional development with a special emphasis on teaching.


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