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This latest release of our iClicker Cloud instructor software includes new features to encourage even more active student participation in your classroom. View Full Release Notes | Download Release Flyer

Student Response Enhancements

Making student response easier and more interesting with new question types, polling options, and outputs.

Accessibility Updates

The December 2017 release includes updates to improve our overall accessibility and comply with standards.

Student Response Enhancements

Exit Polling

Once a polling session is ended, instructors will now see an option to ask students an exit poll question. When students provide feedback via exit polling, instructors gain a deeper level of insight into students’ understanding of concepts covered in class.

Word Cloud

Short answer question results can now be displayed as a Word Cloud. This new option provides a highly visual (and fun!) representation of students’ responses and highlights key themes.

Increased Instructor Flexibility

Multi-Column LMS Sync

The new multi-column grade sync option allows instructors using iClicker Cloud to sync individual poll and quiz session scores to the school’s LMS, which improves visibility into students’ performance and engagement in each session.

Roster Management

Students can now be removed from an iClicker course from the web’s Roster page. This update enhances the roster management functionality of the web application to align with the current desktop roster management capabilities.

Modify Session Details

Instructors can now change the name of any Poll, Quiz, or Attendance session from the instructor website.

Web Session Inactivity Extension

Instructors can now extend the web session before the session expires due to inactivity which provides faculty more control control over the length of time their session remains open. Instructors now have 60 minutes before an inactivity expiration notice appears.

Best Answer Selection

Instructors can now select and send best correct answer responses to students for Short Answer and Numeric questions with multiple correct responses.

Accessibility Updates

The December 2017 release includes updates to improve overall accessibility:
      • Accessibility link added to the website footer
      • Improved compatibility with common screen-readers
      • Improved compatibility for keyboard-only access

View a demo or speak with a rep to learn more about the latest ways iClicker Cloud can help you engage students in active learning.