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Going Virtual: Incorporating Assignments Into Your Active Learning Toolkit

Going Virtual: Incorporating Assignments Into Your Active Learning Toolkit | Lindsey Thomas

Teaching and learning in 2020 have required a whole new level of flexibility. Enter iClicker’s new Assignments feature, which engages students with pre-authored questions that they work through on their own schedule. In this webinar, iClicker training specialist Lindsey Thomas will explain how Assignments can be used for a wide range of teaching scenarios: whether you’re delivering classes synchronously or asynchronously, online or face-to-face, or whether you want to engage students before, during, or after class. Lindsey will show you how to create questions, set up an Assignment in your iClicker Cloud course, and track student progress. You’ll even have a chance to participate using our iClicker student app to get a feel for the student experience. This will be a great chance to ask any questions you might have about using iClicker in asynchronous and/or remote classes before the fall term begins.

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Training and Documentation Manager

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