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Going Virtual: Using iClicker to Keep Students Engaged

Going Virtual: Using iClicker to Keep Students Engaged | Natalie Dougall

As you work to transfer your brick-and-mortar teaching style online, iClicker is here for you and your students. iClicker engages students with polling questions, provides assessment with quizzes, and helps educators keep track of attendance—and you can still do all of these things with iClicker if you move your class sessions online.

In this webinar, iClicker training specialist Natalie Dougall will discuss ways you can use iClicker to keep your students engaged and learning—wherever they are. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with iClicker as a student and we’ll discuss best practices for using iClicker in your virtual classroom. In addition, we've included a list of frequently asked questions below.

About Natalie Dougall

Faculty Advocate and iClicker Trainer

Questions from the Webinar

Where can I find support articles?

Visit the iClicker support community to search for articles on iClicker Cloud or iClicker Classic in our Knowledge Base. If you’re a brand-new user of iClicker Cloud, check out our Quickstart Guide for everything you need to know about using our software in virtual classrooms.

I have requested an access code for my students to use iClicker Reef for free. When can I expect it?

We are processing requests as quickly as possible. Due to a high volume of requests, if approved, the code will be emailed to you within two business days. In order to provide support as efficiently as possible, please refrain from contacting support about your code request.

I'm new to iClicker and don't see my school listed when I try to create my account. How do I add my institution to the list?

Fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as your institution has been added to our system. Current turnaround time is up to 24 hours.

If I'm already using iClicker Classic, do I have to switch to iClicker Cloud? How do I know which instructor software I'm using?

We are recommending iClicker Cloud for instructors who are new to iClicker. However, if iClicker Classic is your current instructor software, please continue to use it as your course data cannot be transferred to iClicker Cloud. Simply enable iClicker Reef in the Mobile tab of your iClicker Classic course settings so students can participate with their mobile devices or laptops. Remember, you cannot use the instructor base—and students cannot use physical clickers—in online class sessions.
Check the images below of our desktop software to determine which iClicker software you're using (and remember, iClicker Reef is our student app!).

iClicker Cloud:

iClicker Classic:

How do I get my polling questions into iClicker Cloud or iClicker Classic?

iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic are not authoring tools, so you cannot enter questions into iClicker. The iClicker toolbar floats over the other content on your screen and captures a screenshot that is shared with students' devices as a polling question. See it in action here.

Can I use iClicker Cloud or Classic with any video conferencing tool? When I start a poll while streaming and sharing my screen with students, what screenshot is grabbed?

iClicker works with all video conferencing tools, including Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, MS Teams, and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. When you start a poll, it will capture your entire desktop screen—just make sure you move the video conferencing toolbars so they're not blocking your polling slides. Watch our video to see how we use iClicker Cloud with both Zoom and PowerPoint.

How do I invite students to join my course in iClicker Reef? How do I get them started?

While you can't send an invitation through iClicker, we highly recommend messaging students in advance with the information they'll need to set up their accounts in iClicker Reef, our student app; redeem their access codes; and join your iClicker course. Feel free to download and customize our student onboarding templates for the instructor software you use: iClicker Cloud or iClicker Classic. Our most successful iClicker instructors also recommend spending 10-15 minutes of class time to walk students through the getting-started process and ask a few fun low-stakes questions.

Does iClicker work with my school’s Learning Management System (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace by D2L, Schoology, Google Classroom)?

We are not able to set up new LMS integrations for the rest of the spring term, as we are experiencing much higher support volume than usual. However, an integration with your LMS gradebook is not required; you can instead export grades from iClicker Cloud or iClicker Classic and upload them into another system’s gradebook. If your iClicker course is already integrated with your LMS, you can continue to sync grades as usual.

How much does iClicker cost normally?

iClicker Cloud and Classic are always free for instructors. We are providing free iClicker Reef access to students for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term. For future academic terms, iClicker Reef is approximately $15 per term.

iClicker is going to have many more new users over the course of the next few weeks. How are you planning to handle the influx traffic in iClicker?

iClicker Cloud was built with scale in mind, using an architecture that automatically adjusts to our capacity needs. We regularly load test our platform's performance far beyond our current customer usage and are confident our system can support the anticipated increased traffic. We have well-established monitoring systems and processes in place to ensure we can anticipate any new usage needs.

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