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Our Spring 2017 event calendar will be updated soon–stay tuned!

If you would like to learn more about how i>clicker and REEF facilitate active learning classrooms, schedule a demo with one of our specialists, or view one of our recorded webinars from Fall 2016 below.

Solving Problems in the Classroom with Active Learning Tools


Presented by Leslie Hendrix, PhD, University of South Carolina, Columbia

Leslie Hendrix, is an active learning guru. Join the discussion as she talks about engagement strategies and tools that are working in her courses–and how her students have responded to her active learning efforts. She’ll show you how easy it is to increase participation, confirm understanding, and measure student performance using i>clicker’s flexible active learning platform, REEF Education.

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Data-Driven Instruction: How to Optimize Student Analytics

Charlie Ridgond

Eric Aldrich

Presented by Charlie Rigdon and Eric Aldrich, University of Missouri

Charles Rigdon and Eric Aldrich at the University of Missouri–Columbia are two seasoned, data-driven professionals who utilize a variety of technology tools to report on student success.

In this webinar, they will show you how they've used student response systems data and student retention software to track students' progression throughout their coursework. They will also discuss how those tools can measure student comprehension in individual courses and flag struggling students who need personalized support.

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6 Simple Ways to Engage Students in Their Own Learning

Deb Pires

Presented by Deb Pires, PhD, UCLA Department of Life Sciences Core Education

Research shows that classrooms centered on active student participation consistently deliver increased learning gains while reducing achievement gaps. Deb Pires, PhD, knows this firsthand, having transformed her classroom at UCLA into a more active course with diverse learning exercises. In this session, she tells the story of that transformation, and how she integrated technology-based content with tech-free activities and in-class questions to elevate student learning outcomes. You'll come away with at least one new thing to try in your class–register today!

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