This latest release of our iClicker Cloud instructor software includes new features to encourage even more active student participation in your classroom. The highlights include:

Anonymous Polling

iClicker Cloud 4.1 allows you to gather anonymous responses from your students! This new functionality is particularly useful when covering sensitive subjects that students may otherwise be hesitant to share their views on. Students will be able to participate in anonymous questions of all available types (multiple choice, numeric, short answer, and target questions) and whether using an iClicker remote or the iClicker Reef mobile app.

Student Session Details

iClicker Cloud 4.1 introduces additional insight into student performance at the question level. New visibility has been added enabling you to see how a student has performed on each question you ask. Examples of the information shown include the question type (multiple choice, short answer, etc.), the student’s answer, the correct answer and the points received out of points possible.


Improved Accessibility and Security

iClicker remains committed to making our solutions as accessible and secure as possible. iClicker Cloud 4.1 introduces increased data security and additional accessibility improvements have been made for both our instructor and student web applications.

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